Hahn Film’s area of specialty is the development and production of both 2D and CGI animated children series. The main factor that makes the company unique – besides having survived plenty of ups and downs in the industry for more than 30 years – is the in-house creation of Intellectual Property, especially the creation of concepts, scripts, and art work for animation series that at the same time have a strong 360 degree marketing potential: Besides Gerhard Hahn himself, writers rooms and a comprehensive art department with character, set and prop designers as well as art directors contribute to the company’s asset portfolio in-house. Hahn Film productions feature a dedicated universal appeal, thus are commonly produced in the English language, targeting the international markets.
Although renowned as one of the leading animation studios in Europe, Hahn Film also is involved in the production of live action feature films such as DIE EX BIN ICH, VIDEO KINGS, DER SAMURAI or WIR WOLLTEN AUFS MEER, and most recently the thriller drama A YOUNG MAN WITH HIGH POTENTIAL, written and directed by Linus de Paoli, starring Adam Ild Rohweder, Paulina Galazka, and Amanda Plummer. Such undertakings will be strengthened in the future, including the development and production of TV drama series.
The Hahn Film Group’s business of the development, brand building, brand management and marketing of intellectual property, primarily in the field of merchandise and media products for kids, is performed by HELLE FREUDE GmbH & Co. KG, a spin-off of the Hahn Film AG. Helle Freude’s products are featuring entertaining animated characters and their exciting worlds. These products are either based upon popular animated children TV series by Hahn Film, or they are original creations by Helle Freude, which then turn into dolls, toys, print-books, audio-books, stationary, fashion, games, online applications TV series and films, thus into a 360-degree commercialization.


Hahn Film was founded in 1980 by Gerhard Hahn. Since 1986 the company‘s headquarters have been in Berlin. The Hahn Film AG is the historical nucleus and production centre of the Hahn Group, which also includes Hahn International Marketing & Distribution GmbH, Hahn Film Entertainment GmbH, Hahn Graphics, and Helle Freude GmbH, thus covering both the artistic design, as well as the entire value chain from the IP development and production through to the marketing of film and media products.


A relevant factor for Hahn Film’s success is the company’s human resource policy: professionals from accountants, production managers, and creative producers to script writers, story editors, character and set designers, 3D modellers, art directors, etc. are permanently present in the Berlin home base, while – according to the respective development and production status of the various projects – a large number of international freelancers is frequently working for Hahn Film: The company features an extensive network, which grew over the decades to a solid base for developing and producing on the highest level. Moreover, production company partners on several continents guarantee an efficient co-financing and work-split structure.

Gerhard Hahn is the founder and sole owner of the company. In addition to his role as Chairman of the Board, he is also an animation film director and producer, as well as an author of children‘s books. Among the box office hits directed by Gerhard Hahn are „Werner – Beinhart“, „Werner – Volles Roäää!!!“ and „Asterix in America“, as well as the internationally successful TV series „Bibi Blocksberg“, „Benjamin Blümchen“, „Urmel“, „Renaade“, „Wildlife“, „Simsalagrimm“, „Gnarfs“, „Lola Rabbit“, „School for Vampires“ and „Mia and me – Adventures in Centopia“. Gerhard has also created internationally successful merchandising brands, such as the „Worry Eaters“. Since 2010, Gerhard has also been co-owner and co-CEO of the joint venture Hahn & m4e Productions GmbH, with headquarters in Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn near Munich.



Hahn Film AG
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The Hahn Film studios are located in Prenzlauer Berg, one of the most popular districts of Berlin.
You can reach it via Schwedter Straße (36b) or Kastanienallee (26).

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