Mystery Museum

TV Series • 2D Animation
26 x 22'
Produced by Hahn Film (Germany), KiKA (Germany)
Broadcaster KiKA (Germany)
TOM and LISA are the twin Guardians of a family secret: Hidden in the amazing history museum of their grandmother Eleanore is an invention by their legendary ancestor Jules Verne: A TIME MACHINE! But alas! their vain Uncle Randolf has found meddling with history to be an irresistible shortcut to his own fame and fortune! 
Follow Tom and Lisa as they help Shakespeare, Vivaldi and Einstein defend their outstanding creations against this time-travelling trickster. Get ready to make history! more …


The Untold Stories

TV Series • CGI Animation
26 x 23'
Directed by Gerhard Hahn
Produced by Hahn Film (Germany), Chocolate Liberation Front (Australia), Toonz (India), ARD/rbb (Germany)
Distribution Telepool (Germany)
The series is an epic tale of courage and friendship, following the brave Sherazade on her quest to help her friend Karim get back to his rightful place on the sultan’s throne, encountering such legendary characters as Aladin, Sinbad and Ali Baba.

Mia and Me

2011 – 2017TV SeriesCGI Animation and Live Action
3 Seasons78 x 23'
Directed by Gerhard Hahn
Produced by Hahn & m4e Productions (Germany), Rainbow Entertainment (Italy), ZDF (Germany), RAI (Italy)
Distribution m4e Telescreen
What if you could go inside your favorite storybook? One ordinary girl is about to do just that: Plunged into a fantastic fairy tale turned real, Mia must find the strength within herself to save a race of unicorns – and an entire world. A hybrid Live Action/CGI series, combining fantasy, adventure and comedy.

Worry Eaters

TV Series • CGI Animation
26 x 11'
What if your plush toy was alive and could help you through your troublesome times? Saggo and his friends – a chaotic, yet lovable bunch of Worry Eaters – juggle their lives between two realms: The human world, where they happily chew up the worries of their protégés; and DADA-Land, where they experience fun adventures of their own special kind.

School for Vampires

2006 - 2012TV Series2D Animation
104 x 11'
Directed by Gerhard Hahn, Tony Power
Produced by Hahn Film (Germany), ARD/rbb (Germany), Cartoon One (Italy)
Funding MBB, MEDIA
Distribution Telepool (Germany)

Lola Rabbit

2003 - 2011TV Series2D Animation
13 x 3,5'
Directed by Gerhard Hahn, Thomas Voigt, Jody Gannon
Produced by Hahn Film (Germany), ARD/rbb (Germany)
Distribution Telepool (Germany)

Tiki’s Band

2008TV Series2D Animation
8 x 3'
Directed by Gerhard Hahn, Nesch’et Al-Zubaidi
Produced by Hahn Film (Berlin, Germany), Daywalker Studios (Cologne, Germany)

Ebb & Flo

2005TV-Series2D Animation
26 x 5'
Produced by Hahn Film, Kate Canning Factory (London)
Distribution ARD / KiKa

Altair in Starland

2001 - 2003TV-Series2D Animation
52 x 11'
Produced by Hahn Film, Berlin Animation fund/BFC

Benjamin Blümchen

1989 - 2002TV-Series2D Animation
13 x 30'


Under the Black Flag

2001Feature Film2D Animation
Produced by Hahn Film, Abrafaxe Trickfilm

Marvellous Milly

2001TV-Series2D Animation
13 x 5'
Produced by Hahn Film, RTV

The Gnarfs

52 x 11'
Produced by Hahn Film, Phenomedia, RTV


1999 - 2010TV-Series2D Animation
52 x 24'

Werner – Volles Rooäää!!!

1999Feature Film2D Animation

Ted Sieger’s Wildlife

1999TV-Series2D Animation
52 x 5'


1997 / 1999TV-Series2D Animation
20 x 5, 52 x 12'

Bibi Blocksberg

1995 - 2012TV-Series2D Animation
13 x 25'


1995 - 1997TV-Series2D Animation
26 x 24'

Asterix in America

1995Feature Film

Werner – Beinhart!

1990Feature Film2D Animation
Hahn Film’s area of specialty is the development and production of both 2D and CGI animated children series. The main factor that makes the company unique – besides having survived plenty of ups and downs in the industry for more than 30 years – is the in-house creation of Intellectual Property, especially the creation of concepts, scripts, and art work for animation series that at the same time have a strong 360 degree marketing potential: Besides Gerhard Hahn himself, writers rooms and a comprehensive art department with character, set and prop designers as well as art directors contribute to the company’s asset portfolio in-house. Hahn Film productions feature a dedicated universal appeal, thus are commonly produced in the English language, targeting the international markets.

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