Hahn Film AG is one of the leading animation studios in Europe located in Berlin, having created and produced popular 2D and 3D feature films and TV series for the international market for 30 years.

Summary of the Role

The in-house animation director is responsible for leading the creative vision for the animation in collaboration with director and supervising director. The animation director is responsible to deliver the required quality within the set budget. The candidate should have a strong animation and artistic background and can motivate and work with animators in a collaborative and creative environment

Required Skills

  • Minimum 4+ years’ experience as an animation supervisor/director
  • Excellent understanding of animation timing and posing
  • Outstanding knowledge of storytelling principles and techniques
  • Strong sense of story and structure
  • Sound planning and management skills
  • Ability to effectively communicate processes, plans and concepts
  • Experience working with overseas studios in a global production environment
  • Ability to identify and manage needs of individuals, groups, etc.
  • Portfolio and reel demonstrating drawing skills and work experience required.
  • Experience with editing software is a plus
  • Fluency in English

Key Responsibilities

  • Responsible for establishing key character animation and animation bible for the entire production with the director
  • Ensure that a high standard of animation is maintained throughout the production
  • Compile script notes to ensure story quality, great characterization, hilarity and exciting action
  • Annotate scripts to suggest staging and direction for the storyboard handout
  • Write scene by scene animation notes for each episode shipment
  • Review animation passes from the internal and external teams and write notes and responses to push animation to the desired standard
  • Work closely with the animation teams to improve each delivery and in turn reduce retakes as production proceeds.

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